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Professional Tree Removal


Trees can provide beauty and value to your property.  However, they can become overgrown and even hazardous. 

Our tree experts will assess the health and condition of your trees. Tree health is important to us.  Therefore, if there is an option to save the tree, we will always present it in addition to a removal quote. We have some of the newest and safest climbing gear in the tree industry. 


We utilize controlled techniques when removing trees on your property in order to minimize or completely eliminate disturbance of the surrounding environment. Our staff has years of experience removing trees of various sizes and species. 


We take great pride in our work and providing excellent customer service.  So if you have any questions regarding trees on your property call us for a free estimate and consultation.

Professional Tree Removal in Pittsburgh

Do you have a tree showing signs of decay? Timber Lane Tree Services can remove the tree quickly and safely, so you don’t have to worry.

The trees in our yards play an essential role. Not only are trees beautiful to look at, but they also provide shade, filter out airborne toxins, and create oxygen. But what about when a tree is unhealthy? It can be a hard decision to have a tree removed from your yard, but sometimes it’s necessary. If a tree is dead or dying, it can present a dangerous situation and potentially harm someone or local wildlife.

If you have concerns about a tree in your yard, you should contact an expert tree service company right away. With professional tree service from Timber Lane Tree Services, you can rest easy that we’ll have any hazardous trees removed quickly and efficiently.

How a Sick Tree Can Affect Your Home

When you have a dead or dying tree, you must address the problem right away. Otherwise, you could be dealing with expensive damage or repairs to your home, among other issues.
Some problems your home and property could experience are:

Branches or Trees Falling on Property – A dead or sick tree can lose stability and branches easily. Meaning, the next time there’s heavy rain or high winds, you could have branches or the tree land on your home or property and cause severe damage.

The Spread of Disease – When a tree is sick, it’s disease can rapidly spread to other plants and trees. When you don’t deal with the problem quickly with one tree, it can easily turn into a much bigger problem.

Increased Pests – Bugs and wildlife love dead trees. If you don’t want to invite an infestation, it’s best to have sick or dead trees removed immediately.

Why Hiring a Professional Tree Removal Service is Important

When you hire the right company, such as Timber Lane Tree Services, you get the benefit of experience. Correctly identifying trees that require removal takes knowledge, and our technicians are just the ones for the job.

Once trees have been located that need to be eliminated from your property, our professionals are trained and equipped to perform removal quickly and with the least amount of damage possible. The job isn’t easy, but you can trust that Timber Lane Tree Services is the right one to handle all of your tree removal needs.

If a tree in your yard is giving you cause for concern, don’t delay – call Timber Lane Tree Services at

(412) 580-5894 right away to schedule an appointment. Our skilled tree experts will quickly handle any tree situation, and at a price that won’t break the bank.

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