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All measurements are in inches.

Code: Syc9

Max Width: 28

Min Width: 18

Length in inches: 101

Thickness: 3

Sycamore 9

  • Sycamore wood is a prized choice for furniture crafting, boasting distinctive qualities that make it highly desirable. Known for its light color and subtle grain pattern, sycamore exhibits a clean and elegant appearance, making it an ideal canvas for various furniture styles. Its fine texture allows for smooth finishes, showcasing a natural luster that enhances its aesthetic appeal. Sycamore is easy to work with both hand and machine tools, making it a favorite among woodworkers for intricate designs. Additionally, the wood readily accepts stains and finishes, providing versatility in achieving desired aesthetics. With good stability and durability, sycamore wood stands out for its reliability in creating high-quality, visually appealing furniture pieces.

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