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All measurements are in inches.

Code: mpl9

Max Width: 26.5

Min Width: 23.5

Length in inches: 83.5

Thickness: 2.75

Maple 9

  • Maple wood (Acer spp.) is a highly versatile and sought-after material for furniture, prized for its exceptional qualities. Renowned for its light, uniform color and smooth grain pattern, maple imparts a timeless and clean aesthetic to furniture pieces. The wood's hardness and durability make it particularly well-suited for crafting long-lasting items, and its fine, consistent texture allows for precise detailing and finishing. Maple readily accepts various stains and finishes, providing flexibility in achieving different looks, from natural to darker tones. With excellent strength and stability, maple is a popular choice for a wide range of furniture styles, from contemporary designs to classic pieces, making it a preferred option for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and functionality in their furniture selections.
    Ambrosia Maple, often derived from various maple species, features distinctive streaks and markings caused by ambrosia beetles. This unique wood offers a captivating and visually appealing option for furniture crafting. The characteristic gray, brown, and reddish streaks create a striking, rustic appearance, making each piece of Ambrosia Maple furniture truly unique. The wood's natural figuring adds depth and character, making it ideal for those seeking a more unconventional and eye-catching aesthetic. Ambrosia Maple's workability is similar to regular maple, allowing for precise detailing, and it takes stains and finishes well, providing versatility in achieving desired looks. For those who appreciate the beauty of imperfections and desire furniture with a touch of nature's artistry, Ambrosia Maple stands out as an excellent choice.

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