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All measurements are in inches.

Code: Hck3

Max Width: 11

Min Width: 10.5

Length in inches: 88.5

Thickness: 2

Hickory 3

  • Hickory wood (Carya spp.) is a robust and durable option for furniture, prized for its exceptional strength and distinctive appearance. Known for its light to medium brown color, hickory showcases prominent grain patterns and occasional knots, lending a rustic charm to furniture pieces. Its inherent hardness and toughness make it highly resistant to wear and damage, ensuring longevity and resilience in furniture construction. Hickory is often favored for crafting rustic or farmhouse-style furniture due to its pronounced grain and warm, earthy tones. While it can be challenging to work with due to its density, hickory's resilience and unique aesthetic make it a favored choice for those seeking furniture with both durability and character.

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