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All measurements are in inches.

Code: Bw1

Max Width: 15-13

Min Width: 13

Length in inches: 31.25

Thickness: 2.5

Black Walnut 1

  • Black walnut (Juglans nigra) stands as a premier choice for furniture crafting, revered for its exceptional qualities. The wood's rich, dark brown color with a hint of purple undertones and a striking grain pattern contribute to its luxurious appearance, making it a favored selection for high-end furniture. Black walnut is prized for its workability, displaying ease of carving, turning, and machining, allowing artisans to create intricate details and smooth surfaces. The wood's natural beauty is accentuated when finished, showcasing a stunning blend of colors and figuring. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, black walnut possesses excellent dimensional stability, reducing the risk of warping or shrinking over time. Widely available and sustainably harvested, black walnut is a top choice for those seeking both timeless elegance and enduring quality in fine furniture.

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